Racing Through Life

We spend our days racing through life as if we are running around in a cloud of illusion.

What does this mean?

If you consider how material possessions are so important that we have forgotten the true value of life. We are no longer grateful for the small things (rain, sunshine, a smile, kindness).

How can we understand that the excitement of purchasing a material possession is not long lived therefore we need to keep buying more to keep the excitement. It seems like a lifetime ago but I was in that rat race of wanting more and thankfully I suffered financially which meant I would learn the greatest lesson of all and I’m so grateful.

When I purchased a new item of clothing I would feel great but it was so short lived by the following day the feeling was gone.

There are many ways to learn how to stay within and no look outward for happiness but regression and hypnosis therapy are a very useful tools and I would highly recommend.

Take the time to connect and spend some time on your own.