Discover The Secret Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Prayer For Healing That Will Change Your Life

I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You.

Ho’oponopono as a way of problem solving – is a very  ancient  Hawaiian art. In the original way  when the problem came up, all the participants of the event should come together  to do the Ho’oponopono process. It made the  process   difficult   for resentment that flashed between people. The other difficulty  was to invite those who passed away. The whole procedure was guided by principal   kahuna. He was the only person who could  read prayers and manage the process.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona did something  unique. She removed steps from the process and updated Ho’oponopono for present day. Any person can do the prayer and appeal a petition to God without  help of kahuna. God is the only one who knows what is right for you in your life.

Morrnah  got her inheritance from her mother – Kahuna Lapa’au who used words to heal. Morrnah showed  her ability  of clairvoyancy at the age of 3. One day she passed the bridge and saw a Huge Hand  from the Sky. The girl was scared and didn’t go over the bridge. Later she told that it was the Hand of God. From that time Morrnah’s mother began to teach her all the features of healing.

Morrnah had received the gift of updated Ho’oponopono. It took years of long meditations to develop this process the way it is taught present days by IZI LLC. She has received the process from God.

Ihaleakala Hew Len who is now more widely known for his curing a whole ward of patients who were labeled criminally insane by using the Ho’oponopono prayer. Ihaleakala, used to travel and teach with Morrnah worldwide says  that Morrnah was very courageous. It is explained by her fully to trust to God. She listened only to God and always do what he said to do.

The other thing about  Morrnah  was  her continuous work at herself. “Look to yourself” – kept saying  Morrnah at any situation didn’t  matter  what was going on.

I recently read the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, which shares a secret Hawaiian system for wealth, health, peace, and more.  The “secret system” is what is called the Ho’oponopono prayer for healing, which is taught in the book.

Since learning about this Ho’oponopono prayer, I’ve been using it consistently throughout my life as part of my life. It’s made a huge difference in creating more love, peace and prosperity.  It heals your life.

Ho’oponopono Prayer For Healing Mantra

There’s different Ho’oponopono prayers and mantras that you can repeat to yourself, but the one I’ve most frequently used has just been repeating  “I’m sorry.  Please Forgive me. Thank you. I love you”

When using this mantra, you’re speaking it to God or your Creator.  You never aim to “fix” another person or situation, rather you focus on healing YOURSELF.  When you heal yourself, everything else in your reality will change.

For example, there was something in you that manifested that into your reality and through reciting the prayer, that situation will be healed and won’t come up anymore and heal the other person in the process as well.

The Ho’oponopono prayer for healing mantra is something that is used to heal yourself, which will change others.  You’re influencing and healing others through healing yourself, in an indirect way.

I personally use this mantra every day, all throughout the day and God will inspire me to change the order or use one part of the prayer to heal the issue (memory/data).

If I notice anything that I manifested or attracted into my life that is negative, then I just repeat the mantra:

“I’m sorry.  Please Forgive me.  Thank you. I love you.”

That’s it.  I don’t complicate it.  All of the power is in those words.

When we say I’m sorry, you are recognizing and accepting full responsibility for the actions, thoughts and emotions that have caused conflict to manifest into your reality.

Please forgive me is said as a request to make amends with your higher self, universe, God.

Thank you is the opportunity to show gratitude to God, your higher self for allowing your negative thoughts, actions and emotions to be cleared.

Finally, I love you, is emitted to God for allowing me this earth experience.

Why the Ho’oponopono Mantra is So Powerful

In Hawaiian tradition, the Ho’oponopono Mantra was not only used for gratitude and forgiveness. Even though it has a certain meaning to us when we say it, there is much more to the statement.

The basis of the mantra comes from the one principle that the Hawaiian’s teach: Hurt No One. Along with this one principle, the mantra was used as a form of resolving conflict instead of the arguments continuing to increase.

It is believed that the resonance of these four words created harmony and balance. It allows the conflict you are currently facing to be released and the energy to change when there are surrounding issues.

What would happen if someone approached you with conflict and instead of becoming angry, you responded with the Ho’oponopono mantra?

You might see a completely different outcome. What could have led to a bad outcome or difficulty begins to resolve. You take responsibility, and as a mirror, the other person is required to take the same type of responsibility.

The prayer demands that there is a state of peace and resolution, even if there is no ability to let go of the situation.

The words are able to develop a state of healing that takes place internally, allowing you to accept what is and to move into a more powerful state of mind. This way you can learn to let go and “let love back in.”

Not only are you resolving conflict with others. You are resolving the same conflict within yourself. The Ho’oponopono prayer for healing is designed to release those uncertainties that are holding you back from your true potential.

What would happen if you completely forgave yourself?

If you knew and recognized your shortcomings, but instead of remaining in a state of doubt, fear or anger, you released these emotions and used the Ho’oponopono mantra?

You might find that what was once before difficult is now easy. What you thought was a limitation in yourself was simply a way for you to learn. You can embrace the parts of you that are the most conflicted and which may hold you back.

What would happen if you thanked yourself or simply loved yourself?

When you are repeating this mantra, you are allowing this type of healing to occur.

You may begin to see yourself and others differently. The things which you are ultimately responsible for would begin to change. You would see that there is a greatness to you that comes just by accepting and understanding these words.

The words are not simple, but powerful. It allows you to rebalance yourself and begin to view yourself differently.

By applying the Ho’oponopono prayer for healing in your personal life and toward others, you will find a resolution, the release of conflict and a new perspective on life.

With this new perspective and outlook, your results will change and you will achieve what you truly desire in life.


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